By Mardi Olson


-FrontLine Flea Removal products are trying a different way of getting their message out there. They mapped out their ad on the first floor of a mall where people were bound to walk all over it. When looking at this ad from the floors above you can see people who look like bugs all over this dog that keeps itching himself.
-Shows people that fleas can be an unruly thing for a dog to deal with

-The target audience for this would be dog owners, fleas or not FrontLine wants to help protect your dog from nasty fleas.

-Fleas are a nasty thing for a dog and its owner, FrontLine is looking to eliminate fleas to make the whole family happy.

– This was done in a crowded mall in Indonesia so more people could see this ad. this would be considered indoor advertising.

Audience Insight:
– Audiences either found it to be a humorous ad just because its not really something they’ve seen before, or they had the grossed out affect because fleas are not a pleasant thing for anyone. Either way this ad caught audiences attention.

(paid media, FrontLine, indoor media, floor mural)

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