Gatorade Derek Jeter

By Jazmin Nelson

th?id=OVP.Vf6c295a152d8db81719279ff5ddd68d9&pid=Api Gatorade "Made in New York" Commercial Featuring Derek Jeter!
Ahead of his final playing days, Derek Jeter soaks in the atmosphere on a walk in the Bronx. This new Derek Jeter ad is making the rounds via YouTube, this o…

Brand Purpose: Gatorade is a sports beverage company that provides athletes and average people hydration, electrolytes, and a competitive edge.


  • Released a video of famous baseball player Derek Jeter on his way to his last game. He was poured over by hundreds of adoring fans. The video went up until he walked out of the dugout to a crowd of thousands.
  • It emphasized the strong emotional connection fans have with their teams and the players, and then linked that with Gatorade since it is Gatorade that fuels them when they play. This then created a bond between the fans and Gatorade


  • The desired audience would be Gatorade current customers and superfans, who already have an established relationship with Gatorade that they then tried to strengthen. This is especially true for any Yankee or Derek Jeter fans who would be more personally moved by this commercial.


  • Gatorade has rapport with athletes and exercisers alike, but this commercial stretched beyond that even to just sports fans in general. Even if the viewer wasn’t a Yankee fan, they could substitute Derek Jeter with their favorite player or team and still feel the connection.


  • The video originated on the YES Network and FOX. Choosing TV was good for this campaign because TV “is generally considered the most lifelike, recreating scenes and showing people in situations with which we can all identify” (Katz, 67).

Audience Insight:

Audiences felt a strong emotional reaction to the commercial and resonated with sports fans across the board.

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