Heineken Celebrates Graffiti at Miami Marine Stadium in Stop Motion Film

By: Morgan Rezac

The Miami Marine Stadium was devastated by Hurricane Andrew and quickly became an attractive location for vandalism and graffiti. With this stop motion video, Heineken turned the vandalism into a community service project and commercial that showed the Miami community that it cares.

Heineken typically reaches out to a different audience than it did in this video. The brand is typically known as a high-class label and this commercial drew in a young, fresh audience. The brand focused on reaching out to inter-city young adults in Miami using graffiti to get its message across.

The brand used out of home and television advertising to get its message across by creating a film and painting its logo in the middle of the venue. The stop motion film brought in a unique perspective that also provided social value and entertainment by cleaning up a venue that is full of history for the city of Miami after a destructive hurricane.

The Heineken film was created at the Miami Marine Stadium (a historic boat racing venue) using paid, owned and earned media. The film was broadcast on television and the graffiti offered an out of home advertising experience. However, owned and earned were also used as the film was shown on social media and gained attention throughout the city.

Tags: Paid, Owned, Earned, Miami, Unique Advertising, Graffiti, Hurricane Andrew


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