Katy Perry Strips Down for Democracy

By: Annie Peterson

Katy Perry teamed up with Funny or Die and Rock the vote to create a video showing Katy Perry blurred out naked to promote voting. She showed how easy it was wake up and go vote on November 8th. Katy Perry urged everyone to go register to vote for the election and again proved how easy it was. You didn’t even need to get ready or put clothes on to go register and vote. Funny or Die and Rock the vote wanted to make an awareness of registering and voting to the public so they made a unique video of something you wouldn’t normally think of with the election. A naked Katy Perry added some light to the situation that was entertaining and made voting seem very convenient in our society. This paid media stunt through social media a great way for people to share and have some knowledge on the registration process. Even if you don’t like all the talk about the election, Katy Perry getting hauled off for public nudity is a hilarious way to promote voting. They also used hashtags like #VoterRegistrationDay and #IRefistered. This will create more talk about the situation and get an audience that normally wouldn’t think about voting want to be involved.

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