Luke’s Diner Pop-Up

By: Annie Peterson

200 coffee shops popped up in honor of the 16th anniversary of Gilmore Girls. Netflix, with each cup at Luke’s Diner, gave an extra bonus gift of three free months of service for those who aren’t subscribers. By making people aware that are already fans of the show, created loyal customers for the coffee shop and made those aware of the upcoming premiere of the show on November 25th. Netflix targeted those who have seen the show and know of Luke’s Diner. To create an experience like this for the customer is going to make their life seem like they were where Lorelai and Rory had theirs, and would create an audience for the premiere. They also created a new audience that were willing to check out the store and now will watch the show. Netflix used a different approach that made the show seem lifelike. By having 200 pop-up coffee shops that were themed like Luke’s, they made a customer experience rather than a regular ad. Netflix used the coffee cups that had the three month subscription as an incentive to watch the show and now become a loyal user. This paid media stunt with 200 coffee shops that popped up all across the U.S., made fans of the show go crazy and created new customers for the premiere and for Netflix.

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