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Amazon Made More Than a Hundred 10-Second Ads Asking Alexa the Funniest Things

By Kyle Danielson

Why? The business issue that Amazon is trying to solve is that they’re trying to make our lives easier with the Amazon Echo. It’s more than just a bluetooth speaker, it can order food for you or tell you if there’s a car crash near you, or get you an uber to a friend’s house if you’re out of gas. It’s dope.

Who? Pretty much everyone. Anyone can make use of the Amazon Echo, it basically just makes your life a little easier. Everyone can use a little help sometimes and that’s what Amazon is trying to key in on.

What? Amazon did a whole bunch of 10 second TV, digital, and social media Ads just featuring times when their new Amazon Echo AKA Alexa helping people out of small problems. They used paid and on these platforms because that would give them the widest reach. I just now saw these ads and I am seriously considering buying an Echo for myself for Christmas. This gives the value of convenience, utility, and entertainment.

Where? Paid, on Social and Digital Media, as well as TV. I believe this model would be Top-Down.

Amazon’s brand purpose in this campaign is to show that they have a product that will legitimately make your life easier, as Amazon has been known to have that same brand purpose in the past. I can’t tell you the last time I chose driving to Walmart to get something rather than have it shipped with Amazon prime in under 2 days for equal or lesser price.

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