Paid Media Post 1

Ory Wickizer


· Why? Describe the business issue & consumer problem trying to solve

  • FedEx and UPS are major competitors, and FedEx needs to position itself above UPS in the minds of consumers.

· Who? Describe the desired audience(s)- start with current customer, prospect, superfan. Be detailed!

  • The audience is anyone who gets things shipped, which in today’s world is everyone. FedEx is essentially asserting its dominance over UPS here, letting all levels of customers know who’s boss.

· What? Describe what the brand did and why they used that type of media or approach. Include information about the benefits of that type of media as noted in The Media Handbook (Katz), Chapter 4, Exploring Paid Media. Also, note what kind of value it adds ( *tag with one of these value categories: convenience, utility, unique or social value, incentives, service, entertainment, etc)

  • This adds entertainment value to its audience—it’s a delightfully creative, funny thing to see. In this picture, FedEx is visually claiming “FedEx: the brand UPS uses when it really needs to get stuff done.” The ad is unconventional, a sort of moving billboard. Advertising on the sides of a semi-truck was the most effective way to communicate this particular message.

· Where? Describe where it was done– through what kind of POEM (* tag with category)

  • Assuming this is a Fed-Ex truck, it’s owned media. FedEx owns its own fleet of semis that it can advertise on.

· Also, be sure to note brand purpose (what the brand stands for), and an insight about the audience that did or may have driven the brand to do what they did

  • The brand purpose is to get people’s things where they need those things to be, and to get them there quickly. Maybe the insight was that some consumer’s view UPS to be superior to FedEx, a claim which FedEx rebuts here.

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