Paid Media Post 2

Ory Wickizer


· Why? Describe the business issue & consumer problem trying to solve

  • The people behind this ad are encouraging people to go without tobacco on May 31st. The problem is that tobacco kills a lot of people every year, and if people stopped using it, they would live longer.

· Who? Describe the desired audience(s)- start with current customer, prospect, superfan. Be detailed!

  • The audience here is people who currently smoke—people who are tobacco customers and users.

· What? Describe what the brand did and why they used that type of media or approach. Include information about the benefits of that type of media as noted in The Media Handbook (Katz), Chapter 4, Exploring Paid Media. Also, note what kind of value it adds ( *tag with one of these value categories: convenience, utility, unique or social value, incentives, service, entertainment, etc)

  • The brand is claiming that people who stay away from smoke will live longer. Those who smoke end up in the cemetery, those who don’t smoke will stay out of it. This looks like a magazine ad, which (depending on the magazine) has a potential for high reach and high frequency. Magazine’s also have the benefit of being very specialized, so that advertisers can target people with particular hobbies and interests. This ad provides social value by promoting good health habits (or the avoidance of bad health habits).

· Where? Describe where it was done– through what kind of POEM (* tag with category)

  • Magazines are a type of paid media.

· Also, be sure to note brand purpose (what the brand stands for), and an insight about the audience that did or may have driven the brand to do what they did

  • I can’t tell which brand this is, but their purpose involves getting people to quit smoking (and avoid starting smoking), and presumably getting people to be healthier in general. The insight: people don’t want to die, so the advertiser is playing off of that fear of death.

#PaidMedia #WorldNoTobaccoDay

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