Paid Media: Wathan Funeral Home Billboard

By Maddie Hill

th?id=OVP.V6f453d22763a5b85648b15d07aea9a5d&pid=Api This Darkly Clever Billboard for a Funeral Home Leaves …
This billboard, which went up this week next to the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto, is provocative in the extreme—blatantly urging drivers to text and drive as a …


-The business issue is difficult to nail down. Because it’s a funeral home, there is always business (people are always dying). The issue at hand is texting and driving. The billboard capitalizes on a scare tactic to encourage consumers NOT to text and drive.


-The desired audience is not necessarily specific. The people who view these billboards are commuters who frequently utilize the roadway.


-The brand used this type of media approach because it would catch the eye of motor vehicle drivers – who they are trying to target. It’s not only promoting and raising awareness for their business, but it’s also standing behind a bigger issue and shedding light on a very important issue: texting and driving. It’s eluding to the fact that if you text and drive, you will be needing the services of the funeral home. It is the perfect way to not only bring awareness to your brand, but also help consumers to understand that that brand stands for a higher purpose. That will build the brands reputation. Some benefits of outdoor (billboard) media according to Katz include: it “allows advertisers to reach their target in specific locations or during specific activities” (96). It ads social value.


This paid media billboard was placed on the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto.

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