What makes a Subaru, a Subaru

By: Abigayle Stepanek


Teens are likely to get in car crashes for various reasons. Car crashes happen.

This advertisement relates to teen drivers and their parents, prompting parents to confide in this safe vehicle.

The commercial shows teens in car crashes, calling home to tell their parents that they were sorry for messing up and they wrecked “the Subaru.” The parents respond in relief that their child is unharmed, and that the Subaru held up enough to ensure that. The value added in this commercial is the emotional hit it has on the heart. It is a commercial the audience will walk away thinking about and remember. It will make sure parents are aware that they own a safe vehicle. This is paid media because Subaru paid to have it shown as a commercial on TV and released several relating to this campaign at the same time. The advantage of this type of media, according to Katz, is the fact that it uses sight, sound, color and motion to create lifelike situations that deem extremely relatable to audiences, especially in this situation. The brands purpose is to provide “active safety,” resulting in on of the highest repurchase-loyalty ratings in the U.S. market.

(Subaru, Family Safety, Crash, Paid Media)

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