Alec Maas- Blog Post pt 2

By Alec Maas


Problem: Due to declining sales, UPS wanted to highlight the lengths they are willing to go to assist in deliveries that require some type of special treatment (i.e. fast delivery, temperature control, pharmaceuticals, ect.).

Target Audience: The Slogan for this campaign was “United Problem Solvers”. UPS was seeking to grow business with health care providers, small businesses, e-commerce retailers, and others who may need specific modifications to the typical delivery process.

How: It was a multi-media campaign, with TV ads as well as print advertising and their website. TV advertisements were an effective match for the campaign idea because it reaches a wide audience. Also, the same message was supplemented by print ads in publications that were tailored to their audience as defined by case studies. *utility *Paid Media *Owned Media

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