Alexa Moments by Amazon

By: Mack Campbell

Brand: Amazon

Campaign: “Alexa Moments”

Brand purpose: to make life easier from the comfort of your home.

Why: Amazon is trying to promote the new “smart” robot. You can ask it to do nearly anything, or ask any question and it will do it. It shows it’s usefulness, rather than something too fancy.

Who: The audience would be mid to high income adults in their 20s-40s with families. Every clip shows children or married couples asking Alexa questions and her being essentially part of the family.

What: They used funny ads that would resonate with parents. For example asking what poison Oak looks like when a little girl brought leaves into he house and wash itching her face. They made the ads only ten seconds long, keeping your attention, while being relatable and not shoving a product down the consumers throat. Having these spots on TV was refreshing and smart, because they could reach their target audience easily.

Where: These ads ran on TV during football games, which many families watch. This is paid because they paid them to run the ads.

It serves as a convenience, entertainment, and service value.

(amazon, paid media, commercial, Alexa, humor)

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