Alonzo Knight

#askpharmaBy Alonzo Knight


– Although it’s not necessarily a business “Save The Children” had an issue with the way major pharmaceuticals were increasing the prices for life saving medicines in poor countries across the world. The problem on top of that, no one knew about it.


– The desired audience of this campaign was the informed- so that they would inform others, the uninformed- so that they know about the injustices, and the actual big pharmacies doing it- so they know they been caught and the world will know. SaveTheChildren had the idea that if people knew about something like this, they would take action.

What and where?

SaveTheChildren used its own website to heavily inform those who cared enough to visit the website. Knowing not everyone would head straight to the website, the hashtag “askpharma” was created. The idea was “to put pressure on big pharma and spotlight the lack of transparency in their pricing…” Participants could do this by posing a question to the culprits and then using the hashtag to ensure it was seen. STC used multiple media platforms with the effort to reach as many people as possible. It wasn’t a much targeted campaign in hopes that almost everyone would care about something like this. Those who cared enough could not only post about it but could go to the website to be even more informed. It adds an entertainment value (also social value) because people can read the tweets and posts, respond, and show their friends in a “dude look at all these retweets” sort of way. STC used #ownedmedia with its website and #paid media with all the social media

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