Be the Guy by Be the Match

By: Mack Campbell

Brand: Be the Match

Campaign: “Be the Guy”

Brand purpose: recruit more people to swab for bone marrow matches

Why: Bone marrow registries are struggling to get young healthy donors to apply. They are trying to show the importance of swabbing, and raise awareness of blood cancer. The website stated “designed to show millennial guys how becoming a bone marrow donor fits in with their day-to-day lives”.

Who: The audience is young healthy people. Any person who is not sick or have an illness can be a match.

What: Be the Match ran a snapchat campaign to get more people aware of bone cancer and how important swabbing is. The campaign was showing live streamed “stories” silly guys who would typically be dubbed “that guy” to show that even though he might be doing something dumb, he could save a life. It service a social value because it starts a conversation between snapchat users who have seen it, and serves a social value purpose because it is a greta thing to be a part of.

Where: This campaign was run on snapchat, because they were targeting young healthy adults, most of whom have snapchat accounts. It is paid because you have to pay to be featured on the discover page.

(non profit, paid media, be the match, be that guy, blood cancer, swabbing, snapchat)

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