Blog Post-AlecMaas

By Alec Maas

Red Cross:

Problem: Red Cross had not generated as many donations as usual by the time the year had reached September. It was in part due to a lack of publicized tragedies as well as a poor economy (2009). Red Cross wanted to make a campaign that showed that ARC is ALWAYS serving people in urgent need.

Audience: The campaign was set to target anybody who gives to charitable causes. The campaign was released specifically in November so it could capitalize on the consumers influenced by the charitable spirit of holidays at that time of the year.

What they did: The campaign slogan was “Give the gift that saves the day”. This campaign utilized authentic pictures and videos of volunteers interacting with people in need precisely at the moment their expressions changed from one of despair to one of hope. This connected with the audience on an empathetic level. The goal was to define not just what ARC did, but who they are. The campaign used paid media by TV ads, magazines, mailings, and online ads as well.

*social value *paid media

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