Koleston Perfect _ Paid Media

Megan Sharp

Koleston Perfect: hair color brand

Link to article: http://www.psfk.com/2012/01/cut-out-billboard-changes-apperance.html

Why? – Using this innovative billboard they are attempting to draw attention to their product and inform consumers of their wide range of hair color options.

Who? – Koleston is appealing to current customers as well as potential future customers. Current customers may look at this billboard and think that it is cool and maybe even take a picture of it (if they are not driving). As for the people who are unaware of this brand, this may drive them to checking the brand out. The fact that the billboard is intriguing and appealing to the eyes, it will draw a good amount of attention.

What? – Koleston used this advertising method because they are grabbing the attention of people who are driving. The billboard is very simple but it is also very interesting. This makes it easy for a drive to glance at the billboard and read the brand name without being too distracted from the road! One benefit mentioned in the media “The Media Handbook” for using a billboard is the amount of individuals that are going to see your brand. Using a billboard will allow your brand to be seen by all types of ages and audiences. With this billboard in particular, it should stand out because of its’ uniqueness. The billboard simply has a cutout of a woman’s hair and the hair color changes throughout the day; depending on the sunlight. During the day, the woman is blonde because the sun is out. During the evening, the woman has red hair as the sun is setting. At night, the woman has black hair because it is dark. This was a job well done by Koleston.

Where? – This billboard was placed by the sea-side coast of Beirut, Lebanon. There is a beautiful view behind the billboard. This is paid media because Koleston had to pay for the billboard spot.

Brand Purpose – Through an extraordinary variety of nuances, long-lasting gray coverage, color intensity, and easy usage, Koleston Perfect provides an absolutely reliable color result

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