Non-Profit : Make-A-Wish

Link to article where the ad popped up:

Link to page the ad takes you to when you click on it:

Why? – Make-A-Wish is a non-profit that raises money to grant “wishes” for children who have life threatening medical conditions. I was looking at an article on AdWeek and an ad popped up for Make-A-Wish. They are encouraging viewers of the ad to donate to the cause.

Who? – Make-A-Wish is trying to reach people who are not already engages with the non-profit. I was on AdWeek looking at an article about Nascar, so they are just trying to reach a wide variety of individuals.

What? – The brand created a pop up ad, so that people would be forced to at least notice the ad. “The Media Handbook,” touches on how this type of paid media can be beneficial. It makes it so that the person visiting the site has to look at the ad. If this ad looks interesting enough then they will be more likely to donate or even just do a little more research on Make-A-Wish. The ad was unique enough to keep the interest of a viewer. The ad shows a cute little girl smiling and dancing and the ad states, “one dance changes everything. Mahlia’s wish was a turning point in her fight against leukemia.” This is an appeal to emotion and makes you feel more obligated to donate. Showing the girl and telling a bit of her story really makes the ad feel more personal.

Where – This is paid media because Make-A-Wish had to pay for the ad to pop up.

Brand Purpose – Arranging experiences described as "wishes" to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

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