Music with a Cause

By: Megan Voypick

The non-profit LifeBeat wants to help create awareness of HIV by encouraging young people to get tested. The issue is that most people dismiss the possibility they carry HIV, and could potentially infect other people.

The desired audience is young people in the Manhattan area. They’re purpose is to attract prospect and current customers.

The brand put on a music concert with an impressive lineup and part of the way to receive tickets is to get tested for HIV. They used social media, newspaper, and digital billboards to spread their message throughout Manhattan. The campaign has a social value by creating a service and entertainment for the public.

The brand uses owned and paid media for their campaign. Their owned media is through their social media use and their paid media is through their newspaper and digital billboard advertisements.

LifeBeat’s brand purpose is to provide education and support services to America’s youth with the help of the music industry. Their actions with their campaign heavily reflect their purpose with their efforts to educate and encourage HIV testing to prevent the possibility of spreading the virus.

(LifeBeat, HIV, Manhattan, Music, Non-Profit, youth, virus, Paid Media, digital billboard, concert)

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