Netflix presents Gilmore Girls, Lukes Coffee Shops around country

By: Sydney Svoboda

• In honor of the 16th anniversary of Gilmore Girls, Netflix paid for over 200 local coffee shops across the country to give away free Luke’s coffee in cups covered with Gilmore Girl quotes, along with “Luke’s Diner” attire and signs. Along with a free message under the sleeve of some coffee cups for a few free months of Netflix. This adds a unique, entertainment value to the service that Netflix provides. Netflix approach of using paid media was by creating print advertising. For example, the “Luke’s Coffee signs outside and inside the shops, along with the attire and coffee cups themselves. The benefits of this type of media are that people flashed the coffee cups around all day long out in public, through social media, and WOM.

• Netflix did this to promote the four-episode show titled “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” that will air on Nov. 25 this year.

• Netflix reached out to the super fans of Gilmore Girls along with new customers to encourage them to possibly give Netflix a try and watch the old and upcoming episodes of the show.

• Netflix used paid media to create all of the Luke inspired props/ideas for all of the local coffee shops, which in return generated the #LukesCoffee used with #Netflix that created a lot of WOM across all social media platforms earning them plenty of earned media. According to an article on, “Netflix stock has spiked 8% in the past week.”

• Netflix’s website does not have a brand purpose on their website. However, the avid Gilmore Girls fans drove Netflix to celebrate the show.

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