Netflix Transforms Coffee Shops into Luke’s Diner

By Morgan Swartz


Netflix promoted its newest upcoming series, “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” to gain more awareness of their newest series. They could gain Gilmore Girls fans as Netflix subscribers who may not have been before


The audience was most likely current Gilmore Girls fans. If not a fan, they most like would not know what Luke’s Diner is. They were creating awareness for the show while hopefully gaining more customers that are interested in watching.


Netflix turned 200 coffee shops across the country into Luke’s Diner from Gilmore Girls. Coffee was free from 7 am to noon. Luke’s logo was found everywhere in these locations. In honor of Luke himself, the employees dressed up in his signature flannel, apron and backwards hat. On each coffee sleeve there was a promotional code for 3 free months of Netflix for nonsubscribers. There were many benefits of this campaign. By going all across the country, they reached a lot of people. Lines were out the door at some locations because of the hype around the Gilmore Girl community. They were also able to control their audience by placing it in a coffee shop and directly targeting current fans of the show. This gave an entertainment value for the customers. Each customer was also told to share his or her experience/pictures on social media, building more hype for the show.


This was done in coffee shops all across the country, at least one in every state through paid media. There were two in Nebraska, both in Omaha.

(Paid, Netflix, Gilmore Girls)

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