Snickers Slip Ups

By: Megan Voypick

The Snickers brand was mixed in with 150 other brands of chocolate in Hong Kong and wanted to break through and increase fame. A huge goal is to get people to buy more Snickers bars.

The target audience is people residing in Hong Kong, especially 16-34 year olds who are referred to as the heartland of the chocolate category. They are targeting current and prospect customers with their advertisements.

Snickers placed “slip up” advertisements on digital platforms to initially get the campaign going, then purchased outdoor spaces to put up out-of-home posters. They used public figures to “slip up” there speech in a humorous way to capture the attention of viewers. An example is located below. The campaign serves as an entertaining and unique interaction between its viewers through paid media.

The Snickers brand strives to maintain quality, responsibility, mutuality, efficiency, and freedom. They used humor to build a stronger relationship with the 16-34 year old chocolate connoisseurs that “run the heartland of the chocolate category” and to capture the attention of chocolate lovers in Hong Kong.

(Snickers, Paid Media, Slip Up, chocolate, Hong Kong, humor, quality, responsibility, mutuality, efficiency, freedom)

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