Social Tees Animal Rescue

By Grace Nesseth

The nonprofit Social Tees Animal Rescue banned together with a group of interns from the advertising agency, Bartle Bogle Hegarty, to create a campaign for abandoned pets. Their target market was directed towards people in New York City who were looking for an animal to adopt, foster for a few weeks, or simply take on a walk. As a way to reach out to the younger generation, they created an app exactly like Tinder but for dogs. User’s were able to swipe left or right if they wanted to get to know more about the dog. The company created a video explaining what their goal was and put it on as an advertisement before YouTube videos.
The Social Tees Animal Rescue added a convenient and unique value to their campaign. Their online video being less than a minute long, leaving viewers less likely to skip it and more likely to watch to the end, and in return download the app to get to know a dog. The advertisement was only targeted towards those in New York City, and was mainly put online as a YouTube advertisement.
The brand strives to help the abandoned animals in New York City to find a home, and to promote awareness throughout the city about all the animals that are abandoned. The company was driven to do this paid media advertisement because of the reaction that Tinder had received for online dating.

(Dogs, Puppies, Paid Media, YouTube, Video, Tinder, Adoption, New York City)

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