University of Moncton Uses Kissing to Gain New Students

By Morgan Swartz


The University of Moncton wanted to increase the amount of students/applicants they have


The audience is current and prospective students. With current students they want them to stay at the school and with prospective students then want them to want to come to the University of Moncton.


University of Moncton in Canada aired a recruitment commercial that featured a couple making out in a library. The university is in bilingual New Brunswick and the commercial focuses on French. There are many benefits for using television. The biggest one being the amount of people you can reach with it. This ad was clearly effective as applications grew 22% after the campaign ran. It obvious resonated with the potential students and had a strong entertainment value.


This commercial most likely aired locally and was posted to the internet and gained a lot of attention and even had some controversy. The commercial paid off, as it recently won an award.

(Paid, University of Moncton, Commercial, College)

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