Earned Media Blog Post

Steinlager: Tweeting Sonar for Steinlager

By: Corey Guy

-Steinlager created an earned media campaign by having fans tweet during a free diving event that then appeared on electronic billboards across New Zealand.

-This campaign was aimed at current and perspective customers. The tweets probably came from current customers and the campaign was then aimed to reach new customers.

-What they did was during a free diving event (seeing how far you can swim underwater with one breath) was have people tweet during the event about what was happening and kind of “keeping score” throughout the process of how far William Trubridge had gone and how long he had been in the water.

-This was done through earned media for the most part. People tweeted and it appeared on their social media and electronic billboards.

-Steinlager is a beer company and they sponsor a lot of major New Zealand sports teams. This made sense for the brand to do because they sponsor these types of event and with customer help the event was viewed by more people than the 2014 world cup.

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