Earned Media Blog Post

Samsung: Samsung Safety Truck

By: Corey Guy

-Samsung is using technology to make passing while driving safer. They created trucks and installed a camera on the front with a video screen on the back of the truck so the car behind them can see if oncoming cars are coming before trying to pass.

-The audience for this initiative are all drivers.

-The brand used transit to advertise for their “Samsung Safety Truck.” This provides a social value and service to consumers by allowing them to pass safer.

-This was done through paid and earned media. They had to pay for the trucks to use and people shared what they did through social media.

-The brand is a technology company that has three key strengths including: New Technology, Innovative Products, and Creative Solutions. It made sense for Samsung to do this because that includes all three of those categories.

(Paid, Eared, Social Responsibility, Safety, Trucks, Technology)

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