The Ghost of McDonald’s Past

By Morgan Dworak

Burger King and McDonald’s serve as long-time competition for one another. Burger King had a need to create earned media attention in order to win over customers and reinforce their decision to choose Burger King over McDonalds.

The desired audience for this earned media event is the current customer, they want local and frequent customers to recognize their brand and understand the restaurant’s “costume” as the ghost of McDonald’s past. They are also appealing to prospect customers and the competitor (McDonalds) customers.

Burger King made the most of the Halloween spirit by dressing up their Bronx location store as the Ghost of McDonald’s Past that had a sign reading, “Booooooo! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween.” They create awareness about the fact that they have something competitors don’t, which is the first step of the traditional funnel metaphor, while adding serving as entertainment to its current and potential customers.

This advertisement is earned media because it was done with the intention that the public would engage with the brand through sharing the Halloween prank through their own personal media platforms.

Burger King is a fast food joint that provides products to a very wide audience, but especially to families. They were able to participate in the conversation and event that is Halloween through this advertisement and connect with their audience in a deeper way.

(tags: earned, entertainment, competition, Halloween)

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