Planned Parenthood Rally

By Jazmin Nelson

Brand Purpose:


  • A third party took video at a Planned Parenthood rally and pieced together the footage to send a positive message in support of Planned Parenthood.
  • The video helped dispel claims that Planned Parenthood mainly does abortions, and highlighted their other plethora of services and all different community members who rely on and have been greatly benefited by Planned Parenthood.


  • The desired audience would be fence sitters and people who support Planned Parenthood but don’t actively donate or volunteer. It helped to emphasize the necessity of Planned Parenthood and urged people to view it in a more positive light and to fight to keep it around.


  • Many people know of Planned Parenthood and the controversy around it, but many people don’t know the facts. They may also not know the impact it has on millions of women’s and family’s lives, and that it is much more than the controversy around it. This video goes to show that there is a great need for Planned Parenthood and that there are dozens of important services they offer.


  • The video appears on Vimeo and on the creator’s blog. These are places that can really utilize search engine optimization and receive a diverse amount of views.

Audience Insight:

Audiences resonate more with promotional videos that don’t take an extreme or derogatory stance but instead are informational and educational.

(earned media, planned parenthood, rally, non profit)

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