Escape Ends Here

By Morgan Dworak

UNICEF wanted to highlight the situation and raise voices of the refugee children in Sweden and to make the UN Convention on the rights of the child a Swedish law. The consumer problem is a lack in conversation and awareness about this issue.

The desired audience was primarily Swedes who were either passive about the topic or unaware of the severity of the circumstances for refugee children. They wanted to target Swedes who could sign a petition to create a change.

UNICEF captured its audience through an emotional appeal, by projecting moving silhouettes of children in the streets of Stockholm. They wanted to “cast a light on the children in a way that no one could miss them” and reach the consumers at a moment that would most influence their decision. Through this they added a unique value to the audience by intriguing them and informing them about a topic.

This campaign was implemented through earned media aiming for a high reach with a low budget. UNICEF used a creative approach to communicate with 5 million people, which is half of Sweden’s population.

UNICEF is an organization that fights against injustice around the world and in this case specifically for the rights of children. They understand that their target audience has a general awareness of the issue they want to bring to light, but they are able to connect with them on an emotional level through capturing the message in a unique way.

Tags: Earned, unique, justice, awareness

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