Protestors Use #WaterIsLife to Defend Reservation’s Water Source

By: Morgan Rezac

Protestors in North Dakota are attempting to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline through demonstrations and with the social media movement, #WaterIsLife and also by encouraging people to post while checking their location into Standing Rock.

The movement is gaining momentum and encouraging people to communicate their concerns to legislators, at both state and federal levels. Through this social media movement, protestors are targeting voting citizens and lawmakers that can help stop the construction of the pipeline going through reservations’ precious water source.

The social media movement has grown with the help of owned and earned media. The #WaterIsLife has gained national attention from every corner of the country, encouraging lawmakers to stand up for Native American reservations. Social media is a convenient way to connect the social value of this campaign to people who are not directly impacted by the pipeline.

Tags: Earned media, social media, water is life, injustice

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