Share a Coke

By Hannah Pachunka

Coca Cola wants people to talk about their product. Soda companies are struggling lately because people don’t want to drink something that has shown to be so bad for you.
The desire audience for this “Share a Coke” campaign was friends and families of the customers who already drink coke. There isn’t really just one group here they want to get to, this is a campaign all about sharing with everyone.
Using this campaign, the goal was to create buzz. Word of mouth is the best way to get people to believe your message and want to try it. People wanted to post and share their “Share a Coke” cans and bottles. The bottles has names on them and it was a fun way to get buzz around Coca-Cola.
Social media pushed this campaign and its success. It became popular through earned media, but it started out as owned media because it was the packaging of the drink- their main product.
Community drove this campaign. People wanted to share with others in their community. There is an example I found online of a couple announcing their pregnancy by using these coke cans, where they ruined the can and it said “Share with Mom” and “Share with Dad.” It was a super fun and engaging way to share with their family and friends and got them talking. Sharing a coke with your friends was their message and what drove them to do this.

Tags: Coca Cola, Share a Coke, Earned Media, Social Media

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