Toys for Tots

By Hannah Pachunka

The brand, Toys R Us, partnered with Shaquille O’Neal to raise money and awareness for the Toys for Tots Foundation. These donations and awareness will help children receive donated gifts for Christmas.
This is targeted to current customers and their families. Social media users would particularly be the most successful target.
Customers were asked to take selfies when donating and use their hashtag “#PlayItForward” and then Toys R Us would donate an additional toy to Toys for Tots, matching their donation to help children in need.
This is done through social media. This is a form of earned media because once other people see it on social media, that is buzz. Word of mouth is the best way to get your message out effectively. It is not always consistent but it is strong when used successfully.
Toys for Tots helps the kids in need who don’t receive gifts for Christmas because their family is even struggling for their basic necessities.

Tags: Toys for Tots, Toys R Us, donation, selfie, Earned Media

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