“A mom for all ages: Hours from Whiteclay, caring for kids with fetal alcohol disorders”

“A mom for all ages: Hours from Whiteclay, caring for kids with fetal alcohol disorders”

Mack Campbell


Why: This article is trying to raise awareness for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and alcoholism in reservations, while telling a story of a mother who is taking care of children with FAS.

Who: The desired audience was anyone reading the Journal Star, hopefully people unaware of the syndrome and its prevalence in today’s society.

What: This article has gone viral around Lincoln and especially the UNL community. The article talks about and includes pictures of a mother in South Dakota who adopts children with FAS or other birth defects due to drug or alcohol use by the mother during pregnancy. The pictures are really what have made the story go viral, and made the community more aware of a problem that is close to home. I would consider this social value and services because this woman is serving the community. And social value because she is making the world a better place and is spreading awareness.

Where: This is earned, because this cause was written about and photographed because what the mother is doing is so prevalent and heartwarming. I

Brand purpose: To inform local Lincoln citizens about what is going on around them.

Audience insight: The audience is looking to be informed because they are reading these sections of the paper and looking online.

(earned media, South Dakota, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)

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