Budweiser Earned Media

By Megan Sharp

Why – Budweiser is emphasizing that their beer is “brewed the hard way.” They are using this statement as a way to stand out from all other beers because Budweiser states that this is the only beer beechwood aged since 1876.

Who – They are attempting to reach adult males. Obviously they are targeting individuals above the age of 21 because they are promoting beer but they are also targeting men by putting this commercial in the Super Bowl. As we know, they Super Bowl has a majority of male viewers.

What – The reason this is earned media is because the LA Times wrote an article about this commercial stating that the “Budweiser Super Bowl ad got it all right.” The LA Times is a large and influential paper. They generated very positive feedback through some social media as well. They used paid media for the commercial slot during the Super Bowl because the Super Bowl fans are definitely who they are trying to reach and after the paid media came earned media. Also, the Super Bowl is a time when men are sitting around televisions all across the United States watching football and drinking beer. This commercial may persuade them to go get more beer or try Budweiser the next time they need more.

Where – As mentioned earlier, this was originally paid media because Budweiser had to pay a lot of money to have a commercial during the Super Bowl but it turned into earned media when the LA Times wrote an article about the commercial.

Link to LA Times article: http://www.latimes.com/food/dailydish/la-dd-how-the-proud-to-be-macro-budweiser-super-bowl-ad-got-it-all-right-20150202-story.html

(Earned Media, This is my tag)

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