Dove real beauty sketches

Dove real beauty sketches

Mack Campbell

Why: Dove created this campaign to raise aware for self worth and beauty standards. In essence, to show women they are beautiful.

Who: the desired audience of this campaign was women consumers who are concerned about body image and buy beauty products.

What: The brand created videos showing women how others see them as beautiful, and how they should see themselves as beautiful. I think this campaign really speaks to social value, because it makes women feel empowered and love themselves.

Where: This falls into the earned media category, because although it was created by Dove, it went viral and was viewed millions of times. Celebrities even tweeted and talked about it.

Brand Purpose: Dove’s brand purpose is to redefine beauty.

Audience insight: Dove markets to “real” women, as they define it. So women who do not physically look like models or that have unrealistic standards of beauty. This video really helped them with their target audience by showing they don’t need to conform their standards of beauty, and that they are beautiful the way they are.

(Earned media, Dove, Dove real beauty sketches)

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