Earned Media Post: Burger King Turns Restaurant into McDonald’s Ghost

By: Cody Nagel

What did the brand do?

A Burger King in Queens, New York dressed their location as the ghost of McDonald’s.

Who you think the brand is trying to reach?

On the promotional sign outside the location words read, “BOOOO! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween.” The brand is trying to take away customers from McDonald’s.

What audience problems it’s trying to solve; value it adds to consumers.

In a very creative, never-done-before way Burger King is trying to solve the perception that their food is completely bad for you. Many consumers of fast food may choose flame grilled over fried.

Why it makes sense for that brand to do?

Burger King and McDonald’s have always rivaled each other, because they are so close in comparison. This specific Burger King wanted to separate itself from McDonald’s.

Whether it most closely resembles/primarily involves owned, earned or paid media.

Although this could be owned, based on what the location did. I have seen this on Twitter and Facebook so it is also earned.


bk-halloween-ep-2016.jpg Burger King Dressed Up as the Ghost of McDonald’s in This Scary Good Halloween Prank
Now this is a flame-broiled burn. A Burger King location in Queens, New York, has a lock on best restaurant Halloween costume of 2016 after it dressed up as the ghost of McDonald’s—covering itself in billowing white sheets and trolling its rival with a special sign that read: "Booooooo!

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