Earned Media Post: Trump’s Earned Media Strategy Is Backfiring

By: Cody Nagel

What did the brand do?

According to Red State, every dollar that Donald Trump spent on advertising, he received nearly $200 in earned, free media.

Who you think the brand is trying to reach?

Although every voter was aware who he was and what he stood far, media companies spent a majority of their time talking about the negative aspects of his campaign.

What audience problems it’s trying to solve; value it adds to consumers.

Most candidates spend millions on their campaigns and rarely receive earned media in return; at least not how much Trump has received.

Why it makes sense for that brand to do?

It makes sense that Donald Trump wanted the publicity, however, when much of it is negative, it will hurt his campaign in the long run.

Whether it most closely resembles/primarily involves owned, earned or paid media.

This topic disuses the backlash that can happen with earned media and that I may not always be positive.


(Trump, President, Earned, Campaign, RedState)

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