How Facebook users are helping to share Standing Rock

By Kristen Fellhoelter

Why: Facebook users are beginning to “check in” at the Standing Rock Protests. The original purpose was to “confuse” law enforcement on who was protesting; however, these “check ins” are helping to spread the word about the pipeline and the protests.

Who: These posts are intended for friends and families of the Facebook users.

What: Facebook is an easy way to spread information about issues that are facing our country. By using the “check ins” users are letting the protesters they are not alone.

Where: This is earned media because the protests are being shared across Facebook without the help of the original protesters.

Brand Purpose: The people of the Standing Rock Reservation are protesting the pipeline in peaceful ways. “Checking in” on Facebook helps to promote their purpose because it is a peaceful way to protest the pipeline.

Tags: (North Dakota pipeline, Standing Rock, earned media, social value, protests, Facebook, check-in)

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