Kickstart your Pre-Game

By: Megan Voypick

Mountain Dew needed to create awareness for the launch of its new energy drink, Kickstart.

The desired target audience is young, millennials in the late teens and early 20s. They wanted to attract current customers and superfans. They also wanted to convert energy drink lovers to their brand.

Mountain Dew created a video called “Come Alive” to introduce their new “pre-game” drink, Kickstart. The video featured three guys sitting on the couch playing video games and eating, until they sipped the new Mountain Dew Kickstart which altered reality in the advertisement. The video was aired on TV as well as shared on social media sites and was meant to entertain its viewers.

Mountain Dew used paid and earned media to deliver the message. The advertisement originally aired before the Super Bowl; from there it was shared online eventually gathering 300 million earned media impressions.

Mountain Dew is owned by PepsiCo but remains its own brand. Their goal is to create healthier relationships between people and food while continuing to grow as a business. Mountain Dew has significant popularity in the gaming and athletic industry. A commonality between Mountain Dew’s past and current advertisements include young men and video games or athletics.

(Kickstart, Mountain Dew, Earned Media, Paid Media, Super Bowl, PepsiCo, Pre-Game, Come Alive, Entertainment)

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