By Maddie Hill

Lincoln cars are well known for their commercial featuring Matthew McConaughey. Although the commercial itself is considered paid media, it generated a lot of earned media in the form of parodies. Lincoln commercials were spoofed on The Ellen Show, SNL, and even a local Texas Police Department commercial.

-The problem that Lincoln was trying to solve is to shift the brand perception to being a more high end, road trip type vehicle. Due to the numerous parodies, it created more awareness for the brand.

-The original videos were aimed at the upper middle class. Because the goal was to shift brand perception, the target of this ad was both current and prospect customers alike.

-Lincoln utilized having a celebrity in their ads to give it an element of sophistication. Matthew McConaughey emits a sense of rugged sophistication that the brand was going for. These vehicles and this campaign ads utility and social value for its consumers.

-These commercials were aired on TV as well as Internet videos. The spoof videos that generated the earned media were also featured on TV and online videos.

-Lincolns brand purpose is to provide safe luxury vehicles. Lincoln also provides many of the presidential vehicles. This brand promotes luxury and utility and caters to the upper middle class because of this. The parodies that generated earned media invited more of the middle and lower class due to the comedic nature of the spoofs.

(Lincoln, Matthew McConaughey, Earned Media, Utility, Social Value, Parody)

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