Love Yourself, Stay NegatHIVe

By: Megan Voypick

Love Yourself, a small non-profit organization located in the Philippines, offers free HIV testing. According to the World Health Organization, the Philippines has the fastest growing HIV population in the world. Their goal was to increase the number of Filipinos to get tested for HIV.

Love Yourself aimed to attract prospective customers of all ages who have not considered getting tested for HIV.

The day before World AIDS Day, Filipino citizens logged onto the internet to find it filled with typos on popular sites. Any word that had an “HI” in it added a “V” to the end or “IV” added “H” to the beginning. (Examples: HIVstory; NegatHIVe) The hashtag #StayNegatHIVe was tagged in individual posts posted by readers unaffiliated with Love Yourself. This unique approach gathered over 50 million earned media impression and a 60% increase in Filipinos getting tested in 2015.

The #StayNegatHIVe campaign was launched only on the Internet. Love Yourself used paid media to edit news articles and other advertisements to promote their campaign. They also used earned media as many viewers interacted, shared, and continued the idea by purposely misspelling “HIV” into words.

(HIV, Phillipines, Unique, Paid Media, Earned Media, Love Yourself, Stay NegatHIVe, Filipino)

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