March of Dimes Earned Media Campaign

By Grace Nesseth

The nonprofit company that I chose to do to my earned media blog post over was March of Dimes. The issue that March of Dimes was having was that many people did not know what the March of Dimes did, or why it is a non-profit that is important. Their current supporters are mainly those who have been affected by having a child too early, or know of someone who has been through this. They are trying to reach those who do not know about March for Dimes, and what they do for children who are born too early.
The brand looked to social media as a way for people to share their own personal stories online. This earned media campaign was spread out through multiple different platforms. They first began a blog where they asked people to share their stories, they would then share the stories on Facebook. They asked people to create videos on Youtube, and to share announcements regarding the birth of a baby too early to Twitter. This campaign helped to raise awareness and to raise money for their mission. The value that this added to their campaign was service and social value. The social value was that people shared their own personal stories, so others were able to connect with it. It created a service value because people were able to see what the March of Dimes project was, and they could donate to help raise money.
March of Dime’s mission is to ensure that every single baby gets a good and healthy start in life. This mission shows why they decided to create this campaign. It was created as a way for people to see why it is so important for babies to be nurtured and taken care of, especially when they are born too early. When people share their own personal stories, viewers are able to see that it is something that happens to people every day, and is not just something that is created by the media.

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