New York Stock Exchange Is Courting Millennials With Snapchat Filters and Vertical Video

By Ory Wickizer


The NYSE is working on its “greater mission, which is: ‘How can we demystify what we do and to some extent demystify what we do in the capital markets?’” according to NYSE president, Tom Farley.


Its audience is the “roughly 20 million people” that walk by the NYSE each year, as well as people in Times Square, people at the Yum Brands headquarters across the U.S., and the “younger, post-college crowd that’s wrestling with, ‘OK, how do I make my mark in my career?’”


The brand collaborated with DigitasLBi to create Snapchat geofilters that announce different companies’ IPOs. They used that approach to appeal to young professionals as they exit school and begin to interact more with markets.

*The filters are informative and have educational value (as well as exposure for companies going public).


It was done on the NYSE physical property and on their Snapchat accounts. The banner and filters are *owned media, and the buzz and talk generated are *earned media.

Brand Purpose: To demystify what the NYSE does and what they do in the capital markets.

An insight about the audience that did or may have driven the brand to do what they did:

The NYSE is iconic, and interesting people constantly go through it. This makes for interesting content, which can be combined with the huge amount of foot traffic outside their building (visibility) and their goal to explain the stock market to people (especially young people.)

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