New York Times, and Apple

By Kristen Fellhoelter

Why: This article is showcasing new Apple products. He wanted to bridge the gap between technology and fashion. Therefore, he created a pair of headphones that can be used for music but when they are not in your ears they can become a necklace.

Who: The New York Times article is geared towards a readership who is interested in fashion and technology. Most of them are current customers of Apple products.

What: created earphones that can used to listen to music but when they are not in use they can transform in to a necklace. Apple is mentioned in the article several times.

Where: This article written for the New York Times is earned media because it is spreading the new information for Apple.

Brand Purpose: Apple is a very innovative company. People who read the New York Times tend to be appreciate innovation. Therefore, having an article in the New York Times about new wearable headphones is a very strategic move for their earned media approach.

Tags: (earned media, New York Times, Apple, wearable headphones, technology, fashion, utility, entertainment)

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