Share A Coke Earned Media

By Megan Sharp

Why – with the #ShareaCoke campaign, Coke was trying to create overall happiness amongst individuals. This idea helped create a community of individuals that were sharing with each other and it gave people a reason to buy Coke even if they are not normally Coke drinkers.

Who – Cok was trying to appeal to their current consumers while also appealing to new consumers! For example, I never really drink Coke but my friend bought me one anyway merely because it said “Megan” on it. Then I decided to buy one that said “Sarah” to give one to her as it was just a fun and nice thing to do. This is exactly what Coke wanted to happen.

What – This began as an owned media technique because they are the ones putting names on their bottles. It turned into earned media when the consumers started sharing pictures of their names on bottles through social media and when people began talking about it. The hashtag #ShareaCoke was seen on most social media platforms with a lot of positive feedback.

Where – As mentioned, this began as owned media by just putting names on the bottles and turned into earned media when consumers began sharing their experiences through word of mouth and social media.

This campaign ties in well with their brand purpose. Coke is all about inspiring moments of optimism and happiness, which is exactly what this campaign created.

Link to Share A Coke homepage:

(Earned Media, this is my tag)

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