The World Wildlife Fund Make These Creepy Halloween Masks of Environmental Horrors- Who’s up for dressing as a n oil spill?

By: Annie Peterson

The World Wildlife fund of Canada this year made costumes of what people should really fear in life with their “Real Scary Line”. The line includes costumes that portray Factory Farming, Overfishing, Pesticides and Oil Spills. I think the brand with this type of stunt, is trying to reach more viewers in a creative way. The beginning of the video looks like a scary movie or new shoe, so I think they are trying to trick people into watching the full ad. By doing a video like this, they are giving the call to action a unique spin of entertainment to try to get people to visit their website. This makes sense for the World Wildlife fund of Canada because they are using a trend that is going on right now with Halloween and making the ad relevant to what they want. The video pulls people in and it makes sense of what they are trying to explain. This is a form of owned media because they are posting this on their social media website and had some artwork of the masks at a pop up art exhibit, but it could resemble paid and earned through the shared content and production.

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