Why Marketers Must Move Beyond ‘Branded Content’ and Create Entertainment- The Lego Movie and Marvel are per fect examples

By: Annie Peterson

The Lego and Marvel movies are using their brands in a different way than others. They are using their content to persuade viewers to buy their products without the 30-second ad. This use of branding creates a broader reach for customers because a movie is more likely to be seen than an ad. By building a story around the product, viewers are more likely to have a reason to go out and buy the product after seeing a movie about it rather than the ads that interrupt their shows. This creates better entertainment for the viewer, convenience, and better service. This makes sense for both brands because if a child is watching the Lego Movie, they are obviously going to want to have the toys that were seen in the show, along with Marvel selling products to adults and children. This owned media tactic is smart but also resembles earned media through the products they will get from their show and paid media from the production of movies.


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