Blog Post: Earned Media

Blog Post: Earned Media
Yoni Gill

Article 1:

Invisible Children Inc. put out a short film called Kony 2012 that quickly went viral. Because they were trying to bring light to an issue in Uganda involving the Lord’s Resistance Army. The video quickly reached 100 million views in 6 days. Earning plenty of media coverage over the campaigns success and failures. Forbes put out an article 12 lessons from KONY 2012 from Social Media Power Users. Showing the positives and negatives of the campaign.

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Article 2:

Target, put out a video made up from compilations of user-generated videos of students receiving their college acceptance letters. Titled “Acceptance” renditions of the video were shared all over, including some still on youtube. The ad was the state that Target was on track to give away $1 billion by 2015 towards education k-12.

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