Budweiser’s “Brewed the Hard Way”

By Morgan Swartz


During the 2015 Super Bowl, Budweiser aired a commercial showing the difficult way they make their beer and almost calling out other craft beer brands for doing it the “easy way”. After it aired, an article was published in the LA Times completely praising the ad. The article was very informational as it step by step went through the entire commercial and gave background information on it.


Budweiser has a lot of competition in the craft beer industry and they wanted to show why they are better than the rest. The article was written because the author believed this was a great ad, which let more people to go watch it.


The commercial was targeted at people who might not drink their brand of beer and showing them how much time and effort is put into making it.


This commercial aired during the Super Bowl, obviously gaining tons of views. The article was published in the LA Times. The LA Times is a reliable source that people will trust and read every single day.

(Owned, Super Bowl, Budweiser)

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