Digital Conversations Reinforce Super Bowl Advertising

By Conner Wolff

Where: Earned Media

What: The study showed that brands stimulating conversation prior to the Super Bowl benefitted with higher levels of advertisement engagement but were not able to extend this conversation for more than about one week prior to game day and a few days after it.

· Pre-game-day and game-day positive social-media conversation were significantly and positively related to advertisement engagement

· Game-day positive conversation and advertisement engagement then were regressed on post-game positive conversation to investigate interactive relationships


· Distributing brand advertising in advance of the Super Bowl game telecast increases the brand-related conversation.

  • Consumers who experience advertising before the game likely will be more engaged in the advertising when it airs, participating in social-media behaviors after the game.
  • Stimulating brand discussion is connected to online social-media behaviors and long-term buyer behaviors; for example, online display and search advertising positively influence Web-site visits, online search, and likelihood of purchase, both on- and off-line (Fulgoni and Morn, 2009).

(Earned Media, NFL, Mobile Engagement)

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