Inspired By Iceland

By Brooke Lehman

Iceland’s tourist board, Promote Iceland created the campaign, Inspired By Iceland (IBI) to gain more tourists. The problem, all tourists only go to the “well known” places in southern Iceland. IBI’s new objective was to “get more tourists to stay longer, travel further through the regions, and spend more”.

Their key audience is tourists from mainland Europe and North America who like to travel, explore, discover new lands, and get of the beaten track.

What did they do? They started a content driven campaign with real people rather than Google. They created Ask Gudmundur (the most popular name in Iceland) where tourists could as local natives the best places to go and things to do in Iceland. They were actively responding to tourist questions while in turn tourists talked about this new platform, the worlds first human search engine. It provided a service and entertainment all in one.

The brand allocated most of the media towards earned and owned media, with paid as a small supporting role. Branded/digital content: 43%. Earned (PR and social): 38%. Paid with only 19%. Their marketing efforts were based on generating positive word of mouth and finding key players (the Gudmundur’s) to respond to the audience’s needs. The campaign obviously has well executed owned and paid media, resulting with such a good response. It was all based upon facilitating engagement, listening, and responding.


Tags: Earned Media, Service, Entertainment, Utility

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